“Good Acts by your neighbors”

The Cedar Ridge HOA Board of Directors took the opportunity to mention the “Good Acts by your Neighbors”,  in the Board meeting on August 11, 2017.  Chuck Payne, President, announced a special thank you to Mr. Al Korn of 188 Cedar Ridge Circle for his continuous service to the community by recognizing concerns and reporting them to the management company immediately, which has saved a lot of money and shows his dedication to his community.  Also, Mr. Bill Copley of 301 Sweet Laurel Ct. Bill generously gives his time and helps out at the pool by sweeping cob webs and cleaning the pool when he’s there, keeping it extra nice for everyone this summer.  Thank you both for your good acts!


Pool Parking Lot

Just a friendly reminder that the pool parking lot is not for long-term parking – rather for pool visitors and overflow parking when owners have a visitor.

Happy Summer!

Beautiful Lawn Bonny!

Bonny Bell,  213 Cedar Ridge Circle –  Congratulations!  We have received many happy compliments about your beautiful lawn in the past weeks.  “The time and energy devoted to the landscaping of your yard is to be admired.  You have added such beauty and color to the neighborhood.  Thank you for helping to make Cedar Ridge a community to be proud of”.   Mary Lou Pierson.

*If  you would like to recognize a neighbor for a great job in your community, please contact Kim.

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Recruiting for Committees

Hello Cedar Ridge Homeowners.  Moving into the new year, the Architectural Review Committee (ARCC) is searching for fresh faces and new volunteers to join this Committee.  This is an integral part of  Cedar Ridge’s growth and improvement standards.  The committee accepts applications to changes that will affect the exterior to any of the 71 homes in your community.  The committee is then responsible for reviewing the guidelines and the goal is to approve the applications and help the homeowner through the approval process.  This is a very important role to keeping the property value and aesthetics in Cedar Ridge at the highest standards.   DiAnna Alford is the Chairperson.  Please contact DiAnna with your interest and let’s build a great ARCC!   DiAnna’s email is  cdrarcc@gmail.com


2017 HOA Fees Decreased

This is a friendly reminder that Cedar Ridge HOA fees have been reduced to $465.00 per Quarter – and are due January 1st.  If you have auto – checks sent directly from your bank, please notify your bank of this change.  Happy New Year!

Cedar Ridge ARC Request Forms

With the Summer Season comes Summer projects.  Please fill out the appropriate pages for your projects and provide all the requested information.  Submitted forms will be reviewed at the next monthly ARC meeting (typically the third Monday of each month). The ARC will notify you within thirty (30) days, after the meeting, whether your request is approved, pended, or denied.  Find ARC forms here:


Return completed forms to:  cdrarcc@gmail.com



Have a Safe Memorial Day Weekend